What I’ve Learn After 4 Years of Blogging


Hey Bold Queens,


Today, after celebrating for the past few weeks on the blog and on our social network sites it only just hit me that 4 years has passed since I first started ” Big Beautiful Black Girls “ . This milestone ,had me feeling very sentimental and I thought today would be the perfect time to come share with you what I’ve learn after four years of blogging.

It is amazing to see how much the plus size world and the #bbbg #boldqueens movement has developed throughout the years . However, before I get started , I want to thank everyone fwho contributed to our first blogiversary giveaway and huge congrats to all the winners which you view here.




The Beginning Stages

As a new blogger on the scene I had little or no knowledge that I was even blogging. Crazy right? I know, but to me it was just a way to share my opinion on different topics and also explore the world of fashion virtually. In the beginning it was quite difficult for me to find readers and also to get those who came, to interact with me on the blog. However I didn’t let that discourage me ,I ventured out finding different ways and kept very consistent with my daily postings.

To the unseen eye this probably looked quite easy , but honey it wasn’t. Many sleepless nights and horrible eating habits came upon me throughout my search. Until one day ,I came up with the idea to highlight the few fashion bloggers who were on the scene. This idea , after a while brought in a few submissions. Horray I’m finally getting somewhere, but to my surprise they were only head shots booo–hoo ! So back to the drawing board I went , formulating  different challenges which brought in many submissions .


The  Negative Stops & The Positive Signs

As time went on and the blog started showcasing different ladies around the world I started to receive positive and negative messages .Many days I would received messages stating that I’m promoting obesity , unhealthy eating habits and showcasing what is not seem as beautiful in the eyes of other.

This discouragement led me to feel very unmotivated and I even stopped blogging for a while. Until one day I signed in  and came across messages from some of our readers . You ladies where actually interested in what I was posting and telling me how much the blog has changed your life.  With that huge post of encouragement , I began posting more frequently encouraging you ladies to submit to the blog. Even though I received negativity when starting out ,your positivity and mine combine has helped developed the blog to what it is today.

Comments from bloggers and readers

The Lessons Learn and Going With The Flow

With the submissions rolling in the blog grew even more , especially when it moved on to the different social sites. Not only did I have a Tumblr, but now a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube to update all by myself. How will I ever balance this with school , work and the blog?

I still haven’t fully figured it out, maybe I got here all by faith but here are a few valuable lessons that I thought I would share with you when starting a blog and what to expect as a blogger:


  1. Find your voice and what topics more spike your interest and focus on those. (for e.g I’m a lifestyle blogger so I focus on  daily life topics such as health, travel,food, fashion & style )
  2. You don’t need a website to start your blog, take me for example I started on tumblr and only after 4 years into blogging did I purchase my first .com
  3. You don’t need an expensive camera, a huge closet or a huge following. After you developed your voice and have been consistent with your postings, all of those and more will come(I learn that the hard way).
  4. One of the greatest things I’ve learn that even though I’m from Barbados ,blogging is still possible .It has allowed me to not only collaborate with great brands but also meet some amazing people both virtual and in person .
  5. Jealously is a human trait and it may come when you see others with the same niche as you succeeding ,however do not compare but continue to focus on the task at hand and why you started.
  6. If you are only starting a blog for free/new clothes , money and think its quite easy my advice to you is not to do it, blogging is much harder than it looks.
  7. Always interact with your readers and find out what they are interested in and may want to read by asking questions.
  8. Procrastination and fear is killer of most blogs and bloggers, so be consistent I can’t preach that enough and never let the fear of not having or knowing stop you from achieving your goals.
  9. Research is key and is only a mouse click away

I hope that what I’ve learn and my little advice has aided some of you , if you have any questions please feel free to contact and I do hope you will continue to support  Big Beautiful Black Girls !


Stay Stylish, Positive and Encourage !







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