The Thick Movement

Hi BBBG community!

My business partner and I started a new focused movement that we have termed as “The THICK Movement” to celebrate curvy women worldwide. After years of trying to figure out our bodies and finally accepting ourselves as we are, we decided to start a YouTube channel to send out our message of encouragement.

This movement is all about being proud of the body you have and embracing your thickness. Our goal is to empower a movement to help the world understand you can be beautiful, thick AND healthy at the same time. All of our products are to celebrate body positivity and uplift women. 

We also have merchandise that we sale to further motivate women to represent themselves with pride and confidence, aka “rep the thick life.”

Our motto summed up is: INSPIRE – CREATE – EMPOWER

We wanted to introduce ourselves and our movement in hopes of joining in on your platform some how. Keep doing what you’re doing and thank you for repping for the #BBBG

– Stay Thick

Angela & Christina- The Thick Movement

IG: @thethickmovement



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