Summers in Botswana


I’m glad I’m finally pushing myself out of the box and going after things that I want this year #bucketlist. I am a young plus size babe born in Malawi and currently living in Botswana.  I’ve been inspired by all the women you’ve shown in your page for as long as I can remember. The hardest part about being a plus size girl from such a young age has been finding inspiration and encouragement from people who look like me and have possibly gin through some of the challenges I’ve had. Seeing plus size women continue to live and breathe their truth inspires me daily to step into my own. And what better way than through Fashion !!! Thank you all for paving the way 😘😘😘

P.s the caption in my head went a lil like this : when the sun hit you just right #livinginBotswana styled by @Mrprice_bw 


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Written by Maryjane Mzumara

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