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My Style: Dinner & Birthday Celebrations

My weekend started off with a big bang, from working on various projects to celebrating into the wee hours of the morning with friends & family .


When I read my schedule for this week I honestly thought I wouldn’t have made it through, but by the grace of God I definitely did.

I believe in life God gives us different tasks and challenges to see how well we can handle it, some of these changes we see coming and some just hits us by surprise like a ton of bricks.Throughout these past few months I’ve been hit by many surprises ,at first I was pretty upset and depress about all of these changes going on in my life. Then it hit me after the fog cleared that some of these changes and challenges were place upon me for a purpose , to make me stronger and to help me maintain my focus .

At this point in my life I’m certainly more determine than I was at the beginning of the year to try new things, especially exploring with my style.

This weekend I tried a handful of different styles , I now have locs no these are not the real thing ;yet !!! I wanted to be certain I loved it first before I started the process . However, for those of you who follow the blog closely; may recall me stating that I do want to locs my hair during one of our #curvyconvo sessions.



During my process of experimenting with new styles , my makeup artist Renee’ from Next2Natural who is exceptionally talented convinced me to try this new lip color which left me feeling absolutely fierce for that entire night. I received so many compliments from men to women which just left me feeling like I was ready to take over the world maybe I will one day *smile*


Enough about me ,how did you spend your weekend and are there any changes or styles that you want to make within your life?


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Written by Ashlee Hinds

Founder & Editor at BigBeautifulBlackGirls
Fabulously Fashionable, I love fashion!

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