OWN Your Style in 2014!

Three Ways To Make 2014 Your Most Stylish Year Ever

1. Play Up Your Curves

The best way to improve your style for the New Year is to identify your body type. Flaunt your assets by wearing garments that flatter your figure. Remember not to buy clothes that are too big or too small. Play up your curves and style outfits that cater to your body type.

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2. Clean Out Your Closet

A great way to refresh your wardrobe is to clean out your closet! Don’t bring any clutter into the New Year. Grab a box and pack up those old clothes that are outdated. This is also a great time rediscover your favorite garments and fall in love all over again. Challenge yourself and create new ways to reinvent your style.

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3. Body Confidence

The one and only way to unleash you inner diva is to LOVE YOUR BODY! Stop being so critical of yourself, and learn to become comfortable in your own skin. Like Beyoncé said, “If you got it, FLAUNT it!”. Body confidence is essential to your style because it give you that boost to Rock any and every outfit.

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