Echo Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush by Spa Sciences


Hey Bold Queens ,

Do you have time today?

If so ,let’s talk . These past couple of days has been a whirlwind for most of us . Especially those within the #healthcare services or those who may be viewed as less fortunate.
During this very unfortunate time, it has caused all of us to really slow down , reconnect with family, friends and also ourselves.

How many of us can really look and say I know me? I’m not talking about what foods ,movies ,clothes or what taste of man or woman we like. No, none of that materialistic stuff.. I mean deep inner knowing,what triggers us or what drives us to do the things we do.

Why we react the way we do when someone shows gratification, whether its love,hate or anger towards us. What is the trigger? I mean ,I couldn’t and if you can I certainly applaud you.


And today, I had a reality check thanks to @spasciences & @target which made me sit with myself to relax & unwind. Everyone needs a little self care time, so I brought the spa home using their #Echo Antimicrobial Sonic Makeup Brush while doing my makeup, dancing & blocking out any outside noise.

Ask yourself,when was the last time have I worn makeup or really followed through on my skin care routine? I haven’t in a while ,by being focused on so many different things happening around me .However , I changed that by getting back into things that I love ,like doing my hair ,makeup ,finding new music ,dancing & learning new things about me .


It’s funny how life pushes you into things you are suppose to learn ,no matter how fast you run or hide. Having time to think and analyzed all my different encounters , now I have such a deeper #selflove and knowing about myself.


Today, I would encourage everyone to take time out daily to really dive deep into yourself whether its mentally , physically or spirituality. Find things you love or books to open up your intellectual mind. Get back to what drives you and make you unique.
What type of #selfcare practices have you been doing to check in with yourself and others around you?

Meditation, music, prayer,dance?

Share down below ,would love to know !




🌸Stay Bold ,Stay Beautiful
🌸Love & Light to you





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Written by Ashlee Hinds

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