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Pcos Talk: Dealing with Pcos & My Healthy Lifestyle Journey

Hey Bold Queens

With it being throwback Thursday I decided to get a little personal today and talk about how I’ve been dealing with pcos and my healthy lifestyle changes since being discharge from the hospital last year. Through out the post I broke down in stages my first diagnose, a little facts about pcos and what changes I’ve made so far within this journey. I do hope that this post will reach someone who may be going through the same thing as I am and find some clarity within all the confusion that they may be coping with right now.

Facts about PCOS

To those who may be unfamiliar with the condition poly-cystic ovary syndrome ( pay -lee-sis-tik OH – vuh- ree SIN – drohm ) otherwise known PCOS is a health problem that can affect a woman’s hormone levels, periods and ovulation . This common endocrine system disorder may cause unwanted changes in the way you look and if it isn’t treated, over time it can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, ovarian cancer and heart disease .


Being Diagnose with PCOS

Approximately 3 years ago one late summer I started to have a series excruciating pelvic pain and heavy blood flow . I visited my family doctor and under went a few tests so we could arrive at why this was occurring. Every test we did came up blank ,leaving my doctors , some of my family members and I quite puzzle and confused. Why was I having so much pain? Why wouldn’t I just stop from bleeding? This was any girl worst nightmare and I was living in it. Many days and nights passed on and I just continued to pop pain killers and purchase sanitary napkins. Until one night approx around 7pm this shocking pain hit me ,this intensity cause me to have trouble laying in bed and even sitting down on a chair for a short periods of time. What was really going on? I can’t lay in bed and I can’t even sit down no this has to stop tonight!

I cried and cried until no more tears were left in my tear ducts and according to my mom and my family members who were present said they thought I was going crazy that I even began to spoke in tongues. That same night I was rushed to the fmh where I was admitted and given an injection for the pain because they too didn’t know what else to do.

The pain subsided until the next day and during the night guess what? Yup it came back again , this time my mom brought me straight to the hospital were I was admitted and stayed until the test results came back. Upon being released I was told that I have pcos , the symptoms and the medication I should take. I followed this regime for awhile .

I really thought this nightmare was over boy was I wrong , the hardest part was hearing that I wouldn’t be able to have children and then on top of that the increase in weight as well as trouble losing weight were part of the most common symptoms . These symptoms related with PCOS tend to be mild at first such as acne, extra hair on the face and body such as facial hair or chest hair, irregular periods, thinning of the hair on the scalp, heavy bleeding and depression. If you think you may have some or all of them make sure to contact your doctor and get tested.


After finding out all of this , it placed me into a state of depression , I was stressed out and sad most of the time but rather not share or talked about it with others since many people weren’t aware or even knew about this condition. Due to the fact of my current situation after being so weak from my blood lost I could not attend my usual classes or examinations at school and had no other choice but to remain at home till I recover. During this time I realized that me being in a low state of mind also started to affect the people around me , so after I had fully recovered I decided to get my life back on track and focus on the task at hand.


I started off great , eating healthier , attending the gym going to bed earlier !
Boy was I on a roll ,I’m loosing the weight as my doctor suggested and my periods are now appearing more regularly .

However,somewhere along that line I started to slip and paid less attention to myself.

Yup I fell off and I fell off big time !

The pain is back again and here I am back in the hospital again !


My Second Visit & Lifestyle Change

This time around when I was admitted ,the nurses told me I was so pale from all the blood I had loss throughout those few summer months. How did I end up here again ? Being more concern about the well being of others, dealing with work,getting things done for the blog and school started to stress me out. I placed too much on my plate and landed right back in the very place I was trying to avoid.

During this time and while recovering many of you notice that I was away ,so I want to thank all of those who prayed or sent messages I really appreciated and was grateful for all.

When I was back on feet and regain my strength I realized that I placed this upon myself and that in whatever way possible I must stay on track to not have this occurring a third time. This will be a tough task for me to take on is what I thought to myself seeing as there is no cure for PCOS but I had to find some way to keep it control.

Since September 2014 till now , I’ve taken a whole new outlook to my life and living better for me and no one else. There was one point in time where I cared about what people thought about me or what I did but now that no longer exists. I now follow a daily regime through daily devotions to help with my spiritual mindset ,cleaner eating and whenever I get the time I placed in a few exercises at home .


My diet now consists of more vegetables and less animal meats and below will show most of the foods I consume on a daily basis as well as those that I refrained from eating during my journey.

Foods I eat and drink:

Sweet Potato
Chicken Breast
Fruit Shakes
Kale, Ginger , Pineapple and Spinach Shakes
Green Tea ( Decaffeinated)
Foods I removed from my diet :

(Most Carbohydrates )

Fish Cakes
Fast Foods
Hot Chocolate
Marconi Pie/Pasta

Now that I have come to place of acceptance I realize that even though I have PCOS, that it no longer has me.  My energy levels has definitely increase and I no longer find myself within that state of depression.
This stepping stone has shown me that throughout life we tend to focus on things that may be occurring and by placing all of our energy into achieving one goal or two we neglect or digress sometimes without even noticing .
My advice to anyone who may be diagnosed with PCOS or going through what I went through or even worst is that to don’t give up. I know at times it may seem hard that the weight isn’t coming off or you may feel sad or not have any energy at all to do anything. But if you take it step by step by cutting out certain things from your diet as listed above or changing up your thought process ,I’m sure you will definitely see a change.If you have any questions or just want to talk about what you are going through feel free to contact me and together we will fight pcos !



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