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My Story: Living with PCOS

As I lay in bed one summer night I heard a knocking at my door I wasn’t expecting any visitors, who could it be? I ignored it and rolled to the other side of the bed, but there it was again and this time it got louder, it went *thump, thump, thump, thump* outside my door.
Who could this be, what could they want?
It was late and I really wanted to shut my eyes and get some rest. I ignored it again hoping they would go away and maybe come back tomorrow, but whoever was outside was persistent and needed my immediate attention.
I got up and took a peep outside, I didn’t recognize the face so I asked, who is it and they replied “P… I didn’t hear what you said, speak up who is it?!?!

They shouted “PCOS”, let me come in and I will tell you why I’ve been thumping at your door. I stood by the door confused because I didn’t know anyone who went by that name, but I really wanted to know the reason for the visit.
I opened the door and pointed him to the nearest chair, he told me before we get started I think you should have a seat. This startled me, so I began to scream *why must I be seated? I don’t like receiving bad news!! Are you here to give me bad news?!?! * He insisted that I calm down and lower my tone; eventually I began to settle my nerves and took a seat.
Here we are sitting at the table across from each other, he said I know you are wondering why I’m here and I why I’ve been thumping outside your door. My name is PCOS, but some people call me Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and I’ve come to live with you.
I sat there stunned, confused and afraid but blurted out what do you mean you’ve come to live with me? I do not have any room for any visitors or any roommates. You cannot, please leave right now!
He simply sat there and with a grin on his face he replied saying, you let me in you have no choice but to let me stay now. I didn’t come empty handed I brought with a package; he got up and placed this big box next to me. I hesitated at first to open it but when I did inside of it contain small label packages , they were acne, weight gain, facial hair, thinning of the hair, pelvic pain, irregular periods, heavy bleeding, fertility problems and depression.


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Written by Ashlee Hinds

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