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Summer Style Tips To Pocket And Keep You Radiant

Today with our summer style tips we are showing you that with a little creativity; looking good and staying cool doesn't have to be at odds. It's almost that time again for one of my favorite seasons, summer. Which means its time to get ready for roof top parties ,long days lounging by the pool or beach side and all white parties. More

What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados ?

Hey Bold Queens, While being in New York this summer ,I was asked on numerous occasions ” What to Wear To Crop Over Events in Barbados?” Crop Over in Barbados, is our most popular time for festivities, were we embrace our culture but also celebrate with family and friends. During Crop Over time which begins […] More

The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment Part 3

OK Bold Queens!! Time is moving swiftly along and the countdown to the big day is on. Can you believe there are just 5 days left till the big “jump up”. If you followed The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment, by now you should have made your costume down payment, chosen your footwear and booked […] More

Three Summer Picks By Pink Club Wear

Hey Bold Queens, Today I want to share with you my three summer pick by Pink Club Wear. PinkClubWear is the premier brand for sexy clothes and trendy styles.  Capturing the heart and gaze of women seeking fearless nightlife fun, Pink provides affordable styles from all over the world. Their motto ‘shine like a star’ […] More

The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment Part 2

Hey Bold Queens, I’m back at it again with The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment. Today’s post is about something I’m pretty sure almost every woman loves……and that’s her makeup! So we all know the costume is the highlight of the big day, but a fab face ties the look all together. Barbados has a […] More

The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment

Hey BoldQueens, Today we are bringing you the Curvy’s Girl Guide to Kadooment. Although, this post may be a a little late for this year it is however super early for the next. Hopefully this will help people start planning for their trip to Barbados next year *fingers crossed*. What Is Crop Over? If you’re […] More

Event Recap: The 2nd Annual Golden Confidence Pool Party

Hey Bold Queens, Yesterday we attended “ The 2nd Annual Golden Confidence Pool Party in New York ” , and boy did we have a great time.The body positive pool party event , took place at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Midtown New York. With beautiful plus size women of all shapes ,sizes and races […] More

Events To Attend : June – August 2016

Hey Bold Queens, Summer is here and so are all these great events to attend! Today we rounded up for you events from June – August 2016. These outings will  have you waiting for it to come again and wishing summer will never end ! These 3 months line up of events to attend is […] More

8 Times Jazmine Sullivan Served Us Style

Hey Bold Queens, As of recently , R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan has been giving us some major style on and off the stage. The creativity and design within her pieces captivated us so much ,that today we rounded up 8 times the she served us with style !Check out the images below  along with quotations […] More

Events To Attend in March – May 2016

Hey BoldQueens, This week we’ve rounded up some events for you to attend during the months of March till May 2016 . So if you are interested, in makeup, modelling, fashion events and filter free dialogue make sure to check out the flyers below. Ashley Stewart #LoveYourCurvesTour Miami 3 Day Event : March 17th 6PM- […] More

Is ‘Big’ the new Beautiful?

For many years, everyone wanted to be a size 0. This was deemed the ‘perfect look’, which led to a lot of people going to severe extremes to get down to a very unhealthy anorexic look just to be considered ‘beautiful’. But in the past few years the public perception has drastically changed, women are […] More

5 Shopping Tips For Plus Size Ladies

Hey BoldQueens, Shopping for clothes when you’re a larger size, that is a size 14-24 doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are some tips to help you look your best in women’s plus size clothing. 1.    Know your best features – this ensures that you choose larger sizes in clothes that focus on your […] More

Moms We Love ,A Mother’s Day Dedication Prt2

Mother Figure ~ a woman who is regarded as a source of nurture and support.     Hey Queens, “During my childhood, we were taught by our parents and teachers to treat all older women as mothers and younger women as sisters.           We were taught to believe that women, just […] More

Pcos Talk: Dealing with Pcos & My Healthy Lifestyle Journey

Hey Bold Queens With it being throwback Thursday I decided to get a little personal today and talk about how I’ve been dealing with pcos and my healthy lifestyle changes since being discharge from the hospital last year. Through out the post I broke down in stages my first diagnose, a little facts about pcos […] More

My Style: Queen of the Hills in Chic and Curvy Boutique

Here on this little island in the sun , a host of activities took place during this Easter weekend, from church services , picnics ,family get together and all inclusive cooler events. To me this was not just another regular holiday but a time to reflect and be thankful for the sacrifice Christ made for […] More

Midday Must Have: Plus Size Wedding Dresses & Planning Tips

This week on our social networks some of you had a lot to say concerning wedding dresses and planning for your upcoming day. Some readers ,were nice enough to submit there photos to the blog which you can see here . However, one reader pointed out to me that she didn’t know where to look […] More

Readers Suggest : Plus Size Crop Tops Under $30

Just last week, a few questions were asked  on our facebook page and one of you suggested that we do a post on crop tops for plus size ladies. Upon searching I came across 4 different websites currently carrying them in plus sizes , Forever21, Fashion To Figure, Chic&Curvy  & Luxe Vain Boutique  .   […] More

Recreate The Look: Strapless Peplum Top & High Split Long Skirt

Last night we shared this photo of Marrgee via instagram & facebook ,after that many of you message us to find out where she bought her dress from and if it’s still available. Unfortunately it isn’t available in any stores , so this got me thinking why not recreate this look?!?! While browsing the web […] More