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Spanx & Where To Purchase Them

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There was a time when women squeezed into girdles to get that perfect shape. Women would be near faint trying to achieve the popular cinched waist.  Nowadays, we don’t have to resort to tight, ill-fitting shapewear.  With some research and thought about how you want your wardrobe to look, you can buy the best shapewear for your body.

There are different shapewear items for different parts of the body.  Just to name a few:

  • Panties are used to hide those pesky panty lines and slim hips and rear. The panty shaper can also slim thighs by purchasing the boy shorts or stomach by getting the high brief panty.
  • Blogger Gabbi of
    Blogger Gabi of
  • Slips aren’t just for your grandma. When worn as shapewear, it can remove bulges and panty lines under a cute sheer dress.  When shopping for your slip, it might be helpful to take the dress that you are purchasing it for and try on the slip to make sure it hits at the length you want.  Nothing is worse than a slip showing from under a dress.
  • Model: Christina Mendez
    Model: Christina Mendez
  • Full body with chest cut-out can slim hips, stomach, and rear. With the chest cut-out, you can wear with you own bra.
  • Mid-thigh shapers are the most popular. They are the ones that look like biker shorts.  These shapers slim the thighs and stomach.  If you want to slim thick thighs and not your stomach, you can also purchase mid-thigh shapers that come to the waist.
  • Model: Samantha Lebbie
    Model: Samantha Lebbie

You might think the tighter the better.  You would be wrong.  Not only will it be uncomfortable but shapewear that is too tight could cause bodily harm.  Body shapers that are cutting off circulation to your legs are not a good sign.  Your best bet is to try it on before you consider buying it.

To not be overwhelmed, take the time to think about the problem area you are trying to minimize.  If you want slimmer looking thighs, a full body shapewear might not be necessary.  Also keep in mind, is this shaper for everyday use or just for special occasions?  Thinking about that can help you decide how much money you want to spend because depending on the shapewear, they can be costly.

Speaking of purchasing body shapers, there are a variety of brands: Bali, BodyWrap, Va Bien, TC Fine, and the popular Spanx. These brands are available at Kohls, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Sears, Lane Bryant and

Do not be afraid of body shapers.  When worn properly they can make your outfit look fabulous.  You don’t have to crush your ribs to create great curves.

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