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The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment

Hey BoldQueens,

Today we are bringing you the Curvy’s Girl Guide to Kadooment. Although, this post may be a a little late for this year it is however super early for the next. Hopefully this will help people start planning for their trip to Barbados next year *fingers crossed*.

What Is Crop Over?

If you’re a native to Barbados or you’ve visited the island before, you most probably know or have heard about the Crop Over season which lasts from June to August. Around this time, there is excitement in the air as the best Soca music could be heard on the radio, the parties and limes are plentiful and the drinks are flowing. The season signifies the last of the sugar cane crop being harvested and is a celebratory event in Barbados.

The peak/climax of the season being the big “jump up” coined Kadooment day. On this day, all the pre-released tunes for the season blast from speakers on trucks, as revelers jump, dance and parade down the road behind them, displaying a beautiful array of costumes in a kaleidoscope of colors. The scene is “nuff vibes” for locals and visitors alike lining the routes just to take in the view.

I truly love this time of year. It really is a time for people to let go and just celebrate. This year I decided to take part in the festivities and join the thousands of revelers donning costumes. But is this day of fun really one that the plus size girl can enjoy? I assure you it is and I’m gonna highlight all the major steps of the journey towards the day here in the Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment. This guide is to aid you through the process and encourage those who haven’t experienced it, to take the leap and MEET ME ON THE ROAD!!*Shurwyn Winchester song*

The first part of ” The Curvy’s Girls Guide To Kadooment “ series is going to be focused on choosing the right band/ costume and the right footwear.

Where To Get Costumes For Kadooment

Band launch season was fairly early this year with new costumes being displayed week after week. Most band launches not only give band leaders an opportunity to display their latest designs but allow them to show those interested in masquerading, the kind of atmosphere they provide. Essentially some of them are mini fetes, but it could be quite expensive to attend all the launches for the season. So save your money for when crop over actually starts and keep an eye on social media to see photo releases of the costumes. You can even go down to the band house to see them in person.

Now ladies, don’t be scared off by the skimpy bikinis and wire bras the models are wearing. The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment is here to show you that the day is a thing for us to enjoy too. Some bands offer options at an additional fee for more coverage including high waist panties, boy shorts, monokinis and even whole pieces.

A number of band leaders have started accommodating to people of all shapes and sizes so they feel comfortable considering the average consumer doesn’t look like the gorgeous model showcasing the costume.

The most flexible band I’ve seen this year was Fantasy Barbados, in that they offered the options mention above within each of their sections. Xhosa Cacique Section by Simone Arthur also gets special mention too. They have a special full figured section dedicated to plus sized ladies and they also provide high waist options for their other sections as well. Other bands that offer the high waist option and a larger bra size in select sections include, Aura, Erup the Band, Baje International and Day Two Celebrations.

Xhosa Plus Size Costumes

Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment _ Plus Size 2 Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment _ Plus Size

DAY Two Celebrations Plus Size Costumes

Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment 2. jpg Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment


Where To Get Boots For Kadooment Monday

If you are a local girl like I am, there are a few places to venture when looking for footwear for Kadooment Monday. The Shoe Palace located in Bridgetown is a supplier of various Crop Over foot wear styles including combat boots, wedged boots, tasseled and suede boots in a range of colors.

curvy girl's guide to kadooment_ boots for crop over
Find Similar Looks @theshoepalacebb

The store’s owner Latonya Birkett says they also do special order for boots up to size 14. They are also offering a service in collaboration with ByCalori Designs. There you can order boots and have them further decorated with feathers and gems, ranging from $50 to $100.

the curvy girl's guide to kadooment_ crop over boots

To complete your look with additional accessories, sunglasses or gems the Shoe Palace also carries them as well. So stay tuned to their Instagram page for more.

Where To Find Footwear Online :

I know you thought I forgot, but international girls the Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment has got you too! Here are a couple places we found that carries boots up to a size 12 with wide calf as well. When searching for boots make sure that they have a comfortable sole and carries no inner lining.

curvy girls guide to kadooment _2

  1. Boots by Pamela (
  2. SMASH Shoes (
  3. Zulily (
  4. Payless Shoes Source (
  5. Lane Bryant (
  6. JC Penny (
  7. Evans (
  8. Eloquii (
  9. Torrid (
  10. Nordstrom (

Last but not least when making your choices, these are the additional things to consider include:

  1. Price range/Affordability
  2. The experience/vibes
  3. Package offering – what is the band providing you for your money – security, which DJs, bathrooms, breakfast before and lunch after the jump, what kind of drinks?

Based on all those things you can choose from there.

hope to see you on the road!

stay bold & stylish






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