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The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment Part 3

OK Bold Queens!!

Time is moving swiftly along and the countdown to the big day is on. Can you believe there are just 5 days left till the big “jump up”. If you followed The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment, by now you should have made your costume down payment, chosen your footwear and booked your makeup artist. Now it’s time to cover all the final trimmings to make sure your day is nothing short of perfect.

Another ‘Kadooment” essential for me, is a good pair of stockings. Some ladies feel comfortable without. But for me I like the smooth appearance it gives your legs along with the extra layer between you and any man you wanna hold a wine on when a big tune comes on. So I’ve been stocking hunting and so far these are the places that you ladies can get stockings in a wide range of sizes and shades.

One of the most impressive suppliers to me so far has been the pop up shop Crop Over Corner started by bajan beaut Zoe Allamby. They have fishnets stockings and opaque tights in a variety of shades that seem like they’d give a seamless match to any skin tone. Sizes run up to XXL and the prices are super reasonable. Another winning factor for me was the durability of the opaque tights as I watched the store assistant run her nails through the tights and noticed not a run. Who wants runny stocking on Kadooment? I was ready to purchase on the spot but they were out of my size. But ladies no worries, they restock this week so make sure you get there quickly.


The next supplier I’ve seen selling a pretty good range of tights is Crop Over Legs. They provide a different brand of the skin tone glittered fishnets and the regular tights. But this store isn’t only for stockings. They provide all your other Crop Over/Kadooment accessories including gems, glitter, body chains, wristlets to put your essentials for the day and waterproof feather powder which I must say is a good investment cause it stops your feathers from looking floppy and dull if they get wet. As their page says they provide all your Mas necessities so you are prepared on the road!


Remember The Shoe Palace, one of the footwear providers I mentioned in a previous post? Her tights are also in. She is carrying the regular stockings and the fishnets and last time I went in there ladies were lined up. So that’s another spot to get the hook up for sure.


If you don’t find your shade or size in any of the above stores mentioned, you can also try Secrexx. They too provide both types of stockings in the Micles brand, with the prices varying relative to size. I think the largest size stocking they carry runs up to 5X, so they are guaranteed to have something that fits any size queen.

The last boutique I’m about to mention, I haven’t personally shopped there, but I saw a positive review from a contestant of the Miss Plus Size Diva Barbados pageant. Fashion City Boutique is where contestant D’ryka Harewood says she got the stockings she wore during the pageant and that the size ranges are perfect for the curvy girl. The shade she wore matched her flawlessly and seemed to be pretty durable so you ladies can go down to Roebuck Street and check the store out.


Now stockings aside, something else that would also be a good investment for the road and that can be useful even after the jump is a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel insoles for added comfort. I will not be leaving home without my pair cause “Kadooment” can be quite a journey and a lot of time spent on your feet. These can be found in most supermarkets and pharmacies.

On the actual day don’t forget to grab your sunblock and make sure you put it on before you get your makeup done as well. You could always purchase extra glitter,gems and accessories just to add that extra oomphh to your look. If you’re jumping with a wristlet or a little bag that the band may provide, great things to carry include:

  1. a few safety pins in case of costume accidents
  2. a tampon or pad if it’s that special time of the month
  3. that “just in case” money tucked away neatly
  4. a lip color for a lil top up on the road
  5. and your cellphone or camera if you so desire

Queens I hope you are excited as I am for “Kadooment” day! I can’t wait to see wunna out in full force!


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Written by Vanessa Phillips

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