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The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment Part 2

Hey Bold Queens,

I’m back at it again with The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment. Today’s post is about something I’m pretty sure almost every woman loves……and that’s her makeup!

So we all know the costume is the highlight of the big day, but a fab face ties the look all together. Barbados has a lot of talented makeup artists and I’m gonna be showing you, just who to go to to get sorted.

Sadly some of the artists I’m about to mention are fully booked already, I Know right….ladies do not play when it comes to Kadooment. But you know the drill,you’re early for next year and you’ll know the names to look out for, if you want the best of the best.

Make Up Artist To Book For Kadooment


To kick this post off, let’s feature these artists who definitely aren’t new to the Kadooment makeup process. From as early as one in the morning, girls are lined off waiting for their faces to be painted by these pros. Kamilah and Shanelle of Iheartmakeup are veterans to the Kadooment game and you will for sure leave satisfied. Remember those fully booked artists mentioned earlier? They are one of them, so from as early as May you need to jump in their inbox so you’re guaranteed a spot.

Some Of Iheartmakeup’s Work


Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @iheartmakeup246

Phone (246)233-8672 or (246)230-3485

2) Next 2 Natural Make Up Artistry

Next up, Renee of Next2Natural. Remember the band Xhosa mentioned in our first Curvy Girl’s Guide To Kadooment? Next2Natural Makeup Artistry is responsible for painting some of the beautiful faces that sauntered down the runway on band launch night. So you know she’s got you covered on Kadooment day, no matter the costume.

Book Them Here

Email:[email protected]

Facebook: Next 2 Natural

Instagram: @next2natural

Phone (246)284-0825


3) Over The Top Beauty

Karolynn Browne of Overthetop Beauty, boasts four years in makeup artistry and has been a certified cosmetologist for almost a decade. A plus sized beauty herself, Lynn loves working with beautiful women of all sizes and ethnicities and is ecstatic to be part of this feature. Inspired by Sam Fine and Val Garland she founded the business in 2012, naming it “Overthetop” because of her larger than life personality and penchant for drag style and avant-garde looks.

Overthetop Beauty flyer (1)


Email: [email protected] 

Call or Whatsapp: (246 )829-5678


4) Simply Chic Make Up

Now Tarin of SimplyChicMakeup describes herself as a makeup enthusiast. She surely deserves a spot on this list because her work is nothing short of impressive. Talk about clean, flawless, beautiful faces….I mean she’s already said it, her work is Simply Chic.

If you want her talented hands to work on your face for Kadooment call her at (246)251-1065 or email her [email protected]

5) Kileah Cosmetic Design

 Kileah Cosmetic Design was formed by Shakira seven years ago. It has expanded to a team of ladies who carry her same love of beauty and artistry. Today she is preparing for another year doing what she enjoys and that is helping masqueraders to express themselves through color and sparkle. Kileah will be located on the South Coast of Barbados during the height of the Crop Over season adorning women with gems, lashes, and airbrush services for all events.

20160616_232109 20160616_232300 20160616_232544

Reserve your spot by emailing [email protected]

6) Faerie Faces

Faerie Faces is another one of those fully booked makeup artist for Kadooment day. If you check out their Instagram page you can see why. Faerie Faces pulls out all the stops with the glitter, the lashes, the shadows, blush and gems. No wonder they’re booked. But I will still share their contact info for bookings.

 Contact :

Call: (246)287-5379

Email: [email protected]

7) Natalia Forte

Finally giving mention to Natalia Forte. She’s offering a complete VIP package for you ladies on Kadooment day. Not only are you getting your face beat, but you are gonna be offered breakfast and beverages, and full on glam squad for a freshen up zone. Now that’s a package!

To Book

Natalia Forte Make-up Artistry

Call/Whatsapp: (246)264-3060 

Email: [email protected] for bookings.


There are plenty more talented artists out there I wanted to feature but I would be typing forever more. Hope the Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment helps though and you #BoldQueens are out in FULL FORCE repping like always.


Stay Bold & Stylish



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