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Creative & Custom Made: Flaws Of Couture West Indian T-Shirt Collection

Hey Bold Queens,

How many of you are ready for summer? If you aren’t by now then by the end of this post you will ! Thanks to Flaws of Couture newest T-Shirt Collection, I woke up feeling all types of summery vibes.

Flaws of Couture Ladies based in Brampton, Canada,  is well known for their blog ran by Sashagai Renee Ruddock & Garcia Marie .But there is more to F.O.C than blogging, these ladies have always had a passion for apparel !

But they do warn you…

“Be sure that you’re bold enough to wear our pieces.
It’s very easy for our pieces to WEAR YOU!”

Now that you know who they are ,lets talk wear & where to get it! I literally screamed YASSSSSSSSSSSS !! After seeing their newest pieces, they spoke to me and my West Indian background. Encompassing and highlighting the slangs that are heard on a daily basis  in Barbados , where I am from ,and other surrounding Caribbean Islands.

Four of the pieces that immediately popped out at me was Buff Bae , West Indies, Set Good & Sweet Ting. Here in Barbados  ,these slangs are used by men frequently .

Below I’ve left for you a few sentence examples along with Flaws Of Couture Newest T Shirt Collection:

  • Sweet ting used mostly by Caribbean men – ” You yuh see that Sweet Ting dat now pass here  she has a buff bae.” It simply means ,well just click here to see Lol .
  • ” A lot of Buff Baes was on spring garden highway Kadooment Day”
  • “Crop Over 2016 can’t miss these Bajan women set good like ice in a freezer”
  • “I see this sweet ting in a fete last night in St Lawerence Gap and I give she my numba “
  • ” We live down in the West Indies”


This West Indian Collection comes in  sizes S- 3X, available in crop tops and full tops ranging from $30- 45 .To purchase click here


So what did you think about this collection? Are you ready for summer now? If so you can always visit the West Indies where it’s always Summer !

Stay Bold & Stylish













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Written by Ashlee Hinds

Founder & Editor at BigBeautifulBlackGirls
Fabulously Fashionable, I love fashion!

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