Big Beautiful Black Girls

On May 3, 2011, #BBBG began its journey on tumblr where readers log on to see image after image of though provoking photos and literature of unknown talent.
It was at this point in my life where I felt that plus size women were not being adequately represented in the fashion world and I began a journey that catered to not only black women but black women who were plus sized.
Being a plus size lady myself I understood and relate to the plus size community.

My love and eye for fashion also played a major role in my desire to push fashion and style.

I have been passionate about showing the world that beauty is not about size or colour and that it is more than skin deep, plus sized women can be fashionable and they are beautiful.

Today Big Beautiful Black Girls has developed and has been an inspiration . It is with that influence that I see the need to not only continue to blog about fashion but also other areas that have been a problem within the plus size community and fashion world.

Our Vision

To become the most influential plus size blog, which demonstrates personal style is not limited by your size.

Our Mission

To help others love themselves, every last inch! To support others and help build positive self-esteem!



Ashlee Hinds
Founder & Creative Director


Kevin Bishop
Partner & Web Developer


Emma Ca
Blogger & FaceOfFitness Exec

Vanessa Phillips
LifeStyle Blogger

Style Contributor & Stylist


A Lifestyle Fashion Blog
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