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Three Summer Picks By Pink Club Wear

Hey Bold Queens,

Today I want to share with you my three summer pick by Pink Club Wear. PinkClubWear is the premier brand for sexy clothes and trendy styles.  Capturing the heart and gaze of women seeking fearless nightlife fun, Pink provides affordable styles from all over the world. Their motto ‘shine like a star’ matched up perfectly with desire to find the 3 ideal picks for summer.


Three Ideal Picks For Summer

1. Jumpsuits

My first pick for summer is of course a jumpsuit , I choose this piece from Pink Club Wear because of its versatility. Jumpsuits can be layered with a jacket for an office look or glam up with accessories for a date / girls night. I believe every lady this summer should have a jumpsuit in their closet .They are comfortable ,classy and sexy !

Just like dresses , choosing a jumpsuit for your figure can be somewhat a task and not every style will cinch your waist the way you want it to.

When searching for a jumpsuit I love to look for a piece that highlights  my upper body but not add width because of the size of my arms. Let me tell you … how much a hit this jumpsuit was from the colours to the cut.I’ve never gotten so many stares and yassssssssses as I walk through the streets to The Curvy Con last week. Everyone wanted to know where it was from , I mean even my mom wanted to steal it from me !

Summer Picks with PinkClubWear_1

Summer Picks with PinkClubWear

Get the jumpsuit here

2.Skater/Denim Dress

What I love about this next piece is the femininity and comfort. This skater denim dress is also another great day to night summer pick. Great piece  for any shape and when on, it just makes you want to twirl. You can always glam up this look by adding a heel ,a clutch and a nice set of accessories.

However,if you are tall girl like I  am you can also pair it up with your favourite leggings .Personally, I would wear this piece from PinkClubWear  on a causal lunch date or Kadooment Monday watching the Crop Over bands making there way down the road.

Summer Picks with PinkClubWear_3

Summer Picks with PinkClubWear_4 Summer Picks with PinkClubWear_5

Get the skater denim dress here


3. High Low Dress

My last summer pick is a high low dress. This style, originated in the Victorian era dresses and formal gowns, when the hem style became known as the fishtail. This high waist and full spin out print dress just screams summer vacation.

What I love most about this piece is not only the fit and colour but the comfort and if you were attentive ,comfort was my main reason for each summer pick chosen. As a blogger and a lady always on the go comfort is ideal next to having a full charged battery .


Summer Looks With PinkClubwear

Get the high low dress here


So what did you think about my three summer picks ? Which one is your favourite , let us know in the comments!

Stay Bold & Stylish


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Pink Club Wear.The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of PinkClubWear
















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