Last night we shared this photo of Marrgee via instagram & facebook ,after that many of you message us to find out where she bought her dress from and if it’s still available.


Unfortunately it isn’t available in any stores , so this got me thinking why not recreate this look?!?!

While browsing the web I found two different styles of peplum tops , you can see them here & here. If you do purchase one of these tops you can always change the style into a strapless by getting it altered .

tumblr_n26dp1grSj1qjfsubo2_1280 tumblr_n26dp1grSj1qjfsubo3_1280


I also found a gold plated belt, but the hardest of them all was finding a high split skirt.

tumblr_n26dp1grSj1qjfsubo4_1280 tumblr_n26dp1grSj1qjfsubo6_1280

If you are not interested in my findings above you can also get it custom made by a designer in your area .

Let me know here if you like what I found and if you would recreate this look ?!?!