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Summer Style Tips To Pocket And Keep You Radiant

Today with our summer style tips we are showing you that with a little creativity; looking good and staying cool doesn't have to be at odds. It's almost that time again for one of my favorite seasons, summer. Which means its time to get ready for roof top parties ,long days lounging by the pool or beach side and all white parties.

These things  don't always pair well with your period, which is why Tampax is bringing pocket size to their line of Radiant tampons. They’re discreet enough to slip into a small clutch or summer-sized pockets keeping you feeling cool and confident all-season long.

These 3 style tips will be ideal for you to keep in your pocket that will work year after year!

Natural Makeup Is Always Best

Less is always definitely better during the summer time ,there is nothing more irritating than walking around in a ton of makeup. A medium to light wear foundation is always great with added highlights to give you that lovely summer glow.

Stay Away From Dark Colours

Temperatures usually run high during the summer and no matter what the occasion you will somehow find yourself on the outdoors. Since darker colours like black and dark blue absorbs more heat is best to stick to light or bright colours.

Stay Cool At Summer Weddings

During the summer we tend to look for different ways to stay cool on steamy days. When heading out to summer weddings  try picking  lighter and flowy fabrics which float in the wind . To give off a summery vibe it's best to pick out more breathable fabrics like light cotton, silk and chiffon .This applies to everything: dresses, skirts, tops, rompers, and shorts.

This new product can be found at Walmart and features Tampax’s superior width-wise expansion and LeakGuard Braid™ protection system, a purple pocket size applicator, and a unique re-sealable wrapper. It’s the perfect way to stay on point, no matter what you choose to wear. Geared toward fashion-forward females, Tampax Pocket Radiant gives women the confidence they need to look and be their best.

Be sure to check out all the details here:

Outfit details:

Dress: Eshakti / Shoes : Asos

Disclosure: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tampax Radiant at Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.Comments submitted may be displayed on other websites owned by the sponsoring brand.

What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados ?

Hey Bold Queens,

While being in New York this summer ,I was asked on numerous occasions " What to Wear To Crop Over Events in Barbados?" Crop Over in Barbados, is our most popular time for festivities, were we embrace our culture but also celebrate with family and friends.

During Crop Over time which begins in late May, a series of events and festivities happen.These events such as Cavalcades, Calypso Tents, Pan on de sand , Cooler, Boat and Breakfast all inclusive Parties ,attract both local and international patrons .

Of course when planning to attend one of these events , the first question that comes to mind is what should I wear and where should I wear it to ? Today I am here to help you with what to wear when attending Crop Over events in Barbados.


Jumpsuits /Rompers

When attending any Crop Over event the number one requirement is to dance or "wuk up" ,as we refer to in our bajan slang and the number #1 wuk up attire is anything that is short or has a pants seam .This romper I'm wearing gives you comfort but is also very classy. It can be worn exactly like this to an all inclusive event such as Elevate, Bliss, UV or Beach House Breakfast Party.

However if you are not much of a heel lady and comfort is more your style you can also throw on a nice pair of flats and head on down to Pan Pun de Sand or to the Pic O de Crop Semi Finals.

What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados_5 What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados


During the Crop Over season here in Barbados , you will find majority of the women wearing dresses to crop over events. They are easy to dress up or dress down with a pair of heels or sneakers. This dress I am wearing is from Monif C Plus Sizes.

What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados_6 What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados_18 What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados_19

All White Outfits

The Summer time is all about the white parties and the Crop Over Season in Barbados can't pass by without attending at least one or two of these. These two outfit pieces from Monif C Plus Sizes are perfect for those who are headed to the Jalapeno All White Cruise or the High Tea All White Party.

What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados_7 What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados_20

What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados_9

What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados_8


Now , there is no denying we couldn't finish off the Crop Over Event Season without wearing a swim piece. Our Costumes that we wear on Kadooment Monday are basically replicas of such.What I love about this swim piece is that it can be worn to a cooler event with a pants , skirt or cover up  to a  Roast , Limerz, Booze or UV cruise.


What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados_10

What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados_13

What To Wear To Crop Over Events In Barbados_14

Swim Wear: Here

Now that you have an idea of what to wear to Crop Over Events in Barbados ! my next question is when will you be coming?

Let us know in the comments

stay bold & stylish


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Monif C Plus Sizes.The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Monif C Plus Sizes.













The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment Part 3

OK Bold Queens!!

Time is moving swiftly along and the countdown to the big day is on. Can you believe there are just 5 days left till the big "jump up". If you followed The Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment, by now you should have made your costume down payment, chosen your footwear and booked your makeup artist. Now it's time to cover all the final trimmings to make sure your day is nothing short of perfect.

Another 'Kadooment" essential for me, is a good pair of stockings. Some ladies feel comfortable without. But for me I like the smooth appearance it gives your legs along with the extra layer between you and any man you wanna hold a wine on when a big tune comes on. So I've been stocking hunting and so far these are the places that you ladies can get stockings in a wide range of sizes and shades.

One of the most impressive suppliers to me so far has been the pop up shop Crop Over Corner started by bajan beaut Zoe Allamby. They have fishnets stockings and opaque tights in a variety of shades that seem like they'd give a seamless match to any skin tone. Sizes run up to XXL and the prices are super reasonable. Another winning factor for me was the durability of the opaque tights as I watched the store assistant run her nails through the tights and noticed not a run. Who wants runny stocking on Kadooment? I was ready to purchase on the spot but they were out of my size. But ladies no worries, they restock this week so make sure you get there quickly.


The next supplier I've seen selling a pretty good range of tights is Crop Over Legs. They provide a different brand of the skin tone glittered fishnets and the regular tights. But this store isn't only for stockings. They provide all your other Crop Over/Kadooment accessories including gems, glitter, body chains, wristlets to put your essentials for the day and waterproof feather powder which I must say is a good investment cause it stops your feathers from looking floppy and dull if they get wet. As their page says they provide all your Mas necessities so you are prepared on the road!


Remember The Shoe Palace, one of the footwear providers I mentioned in a previous post? Her tights are also in. She is carrying the regular stockings and the fishnets and last time I went in there ladies were lined up. So that's another spot to get the hook up for sure.


If you don't find your shade or size in any of the above stores mentioned, you can also try Secrexx. They too provide both types of stockings in the Micles brand, with the prices varying relative to size. I think the largest size stocking they carry runs up to 5X, so they are guaranteed to have something that fits any size queen.

The last boutique I'm about to mention, I haven't personally shopped there, but I saw a positive review from a contestant of the Miss Plus Size Diva Barbados pageant. Fashion City Boutique is where contestant D'ryka Harewood says she got the stockings she wore during the pageant and that the size ranges are perfect for the curvy girl. The shade she wore matched her flawlessly and seemed to be pretty durable so you ladies can go down to Roebuck Street and check the store out.


Now stockings aside, something else that would also be a good investment for the road and that can be useful even after the jump is a pair of Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel insoles for added comfort. I will not be leaving home without my pair cause "Kadooment" can be quite a journey and a lot of time spent on your feet. These can be found in most supermarkets and pharmacies.

On the actual day don't forget to grab your sunblock and make sure you put it on before you get your makeup done as well. You could always purchase extra glitter,gems and accessories just to add that extra oomphh to your look. If you're jumping with a wristlet or a little bag that the band may provide, great things to carry include:

  1. a few safety pins in case of costume accidents
  2. a tampon or pad if it's that special time of the month
  3. that "just in case" money tucked away neatly
  4. a lip color for a lil top up on the road
  5. and your cellphone or camera if you so desire

Queens I hope you are excited as I am for "Kadooment" day! I can't wait to see wunna out in full force!

Three Summer Picks By Pink Club Wear

Hey Bold Queens,

Today I want to share with you my three summer pick by Pink Club Wear. PinkClubWear is the premier brand for sexy clothes and trendy styles.  Capturing the heart and gaze of women seeking fearless nightlife fun, Pink provides affordable styles from all over the world. Their motto ‘shine like a star’ matched up perfectly with desire to find the 3 ideal picks for summer.


Three Ideal Picks For Summer

1. Jumpsuits

My first pick for summer is of course a jumpsuit , I choose this piece from Pink Club Wear because of its versatility. Jumpsuits can be layered with a jacket for an office look or glam up with accessories for a date / girls night. I believe every lady this summer should have a jumpsuit in their closet .They are comfortable ,classy and sexy !

Just like dresses , choosing a jumpsuit for your figure can be somewhat a task and not every style will cinch your waist the way you want it to.

When searching for a jumpsuit I love to look for a piece that highlights  my upper body but not add width because of the size of my arms. Let me tell you ... how much a hit this jumpsuit was from the colours to the cut.I've never gotten so many stares and yassssssssses as I walk through the streets to The Curvy Con last week. Everyone wanted to know where it was from , I mean even my mom wanted to steal it from me !

Summer Picks with PinkClubWear_1

Summer Picks with PinkClubWear

Get the jumpsuit here

2.Skater/Denim Dress

What I love about this next piece is the femininity and comfort. This skater denim dress is also another great day to night summer pick. Great piece  for any shape and when on, it just makes you want to twirl. You can always glam up this look by adding a heel ,a clutch and a nice set of accessories.

However,if you are tall girl like I  am you can also pair it up with your favourite leggings .Personally, I would wear this piece from PinkClubWear  on a causal lunch date or Kadooment Monday watching the Crop Over bands making there way down the road.

Summer Picks with PinkClubWear_3

Summer Picks with PinkClubWear_4 Summer Picks with PinkClubWear_5

Get the skater denim dress here


3. High Low Dress

My last summer pick is a high low dress. This style, originated in the Victorian era dresses and formal gowns, when the hem style became known as the fishtail. This high waist and full spin out print dress just screams summer vacation.

What I love most about this piece is not only the fit and colour but the comfort and if you were attentive ,comfort was my main reason for each summer pick chosen. As a blogger and a lady always on the go comfort is ideal next to having a full charged battery .


Summer Looks With PinkClubwear

Get the high low dress here


So what did you think about my three summer picks ? Which one is your favourite , let us know in the comments!

Stay Bold & Stylish


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Pink Club Wear.The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of PinkClubWear
















The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment Part 2

Hey Bold Queens,

I'm back at it again with The Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment. Today's post is about something I'm pretty sure almost every woman loves......and that's her makeup!

So we all know the costume is the highlight of the big day, but a fab face ties the look all together. Barbados has a lot of talented makeup artists and I'm gonna be showing you, just who to go to to get sorted.

Sadly some of the artists I'm about to mention are fully booked already, I Know right....ladies do not play when it comes to Kadooment. But you know the drill,you're early for next year and you'll know the names to look out for, if you want the best of the best.

Make Up Artist To Book For Kadooment


To kick this post off, let's feature these artists who definitely aren't new to the Kadooment makeup process. From as early as one in the morning, girls are lined off waiting for their faces to be painted by these pros. Kamilah and Shanelle of Iheartmakeup are veterans to the Kadooment game and you will for sure leave satisfied. Remember those fully booked artists mentioned earlier? They are one of them, so from as early as May you need to jump in their inbox so you're guaranteed a spot.

Some Of Iheartmakeup's Work



Instagram: @iheartmakeup246

Phone (246)233-8672 or (246)230-3485

2) Next 2 Natural Make Up Artistry

Next up, Renee of Next2Natural. Remember the band Xhosa mentioned in our first Curvy Girl's Guide To Kadooment? Next2Natural Makeup Artistry is responsible for painting some of the beautiful faces that sauntered down the runway on band launch night. So you know she's got you covered on Kadooment day, no matter the costume.

Book Them Here

Facebook: Next 2 Natural

Instagram: @next2natural

Phone (246)284-0825


3) Over The Top Beauty

Karolynn Browne of Overthetop Beauty, boasts four years in makeup artistry and has been a certified cosmetologist for almost a decade. A plus sized beauty herself, Lynn loves working with beautiful women of all sizes and ethnicities and is ecstatic to be part of this feature. Inspired by Sam Fine and Val Garland she founded the business in 2012, naming it “Overthetop” because of her larger than life personality and penchant for drag style and avant-garde looks.

Overthetop Beauty flyer (1)



Call or Whatsapp: (246 )829-5678


4) Simply Chic Make Up

Now Tarin of SimplyChicMakeup describes herself as a makeup enthusiast. She surely deserves a spot on this list because her work is nothing short of impressive. Talk about clean, flawless, beautiful faces....I mean she's already said it, her work is Simply Chic.

If you want her talented hands to work on your face for Kadooment call her at (246)251-1065 or email her

5) Kileah Cosmetic Design

 Kileah Cosmetic Design was formed by Shakira seven years ago. It has expanded to a team of ladies who carry her same love of beauty and artistry. Today she is preparing for another year doing what she enjoys and that is helping masqueraders to express themselves through color and sparkle. Kileah will be located on the South Coast of Barbados during the height of the Crop Over season adorning women with gems, lashes, and airbrush services for all events.

20160616_232109 20160616_232300 20160616_232544

Reserve your spot by emailing

6) Faerie Faces

Faerie Faces is another one of those fully booked makeup artist for Kadooment day. If you check out their Instagram page you can see why. Faerie Faces pulls out all the stops with the glitter, the lashes, the shadows, blush and gems. No wonder they're booked. But I will still share their contact info for bookings.

 Contact :

Call: (246)287-5379


7) Natalia Forte

Finally giving mention to Natalia Forte. She's offering a complete VIP package for you ladies on Kadooment day. Not only are you getting your face beat, but you are gonna be offered breakfast and beverages, and full on glam squad for a freshen up zone. Now that's a package!

To Book

Natalia Forte Make-up Artistry

Call/Whatsapp: (246)264-3060 

Email: for bookings.


There are plenty more talented artists out there I wanted to feature but I would be typing forever more. Hope the Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment helps though and you #BoldQueens are out in FULL FORCE repping like always.


Stay Bold & Stylish


The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Kadooment

Hey BoldQueens,

Today we are bringing you the Curvy's Girl Guide to Kadooment. Although, this post may be a a little late for this year it is however super early for the next. Hopefully this will help people start planning for their trip to Barbados next year *fingers crossed*.

What Is Crop Over?

If you're a native to Barbados or you've visited the island before, you most probably know or have heard about the Crop Over season which lasts from June to August. Around this time, there is excitement in the air as the best Soca music could be heard on the radio, the parties and limes are plentiful and the drinks are flowing. The season signifies the last of the sugar cane crop being harvested and is a celebratory event in Barbados.

The peak/climax of the season being the big "jump up" coined Kadooment day. On this day, all the pre-released tunes for the season blast from speakers on trucks, as revelers jump, dance and parade down the road behind them, displaying a beautiful array of costumes in a kaleidoscope of colors. The scene is "nuff vibes" for locals and visitors alike lining the routes just to take in the view.

I truly love this time of year. It really is a time for people to let go and just celebrate. This year I decided to take part in the festivities and join the thousands of revelers donning costumes. But is this day of fun really one that the plus size girl can enjoy? I assure you it is and I'm gonna highlight all the major steps of the journey towards the day here in the Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment. This guide is to aid you through the process and encourage those who haven't experienced it, to take the leap and MEET ME ON THE ROAD!!*Shurwyn Winchester song*

The first part of " The Curvy's Girls Guide To Kadooment " series is going to be focused on choosing the right band/ costume and the right footwear.

Where To Get Costumes For Kadooment

Band launch season was fairly early this year with new costumes being displayed week after week. Most band launches not only give band leaders an opportunity to display their latest designs but allow them to show those interested in masquerading, the kind of atmosphere they provide. Essentially some of them are mini fetes, but it could be quite expensive to attend all the launches for the season. So save your money for when crop over actually starts and keep an eye on social media to see photo releases of the costumes. You can even go down to the band house to see them in person.

Now ladies, don't be scared off by the skimpy bikinis and wire bras the models are wearing. The Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment is here to show you that the day is a thing for us to enjoy too. Some bands offer options at an additional fee for more coverage including high waist panties, boy shorts, monokinis and even whole pieces.

A number of band leaders have started accommodating to people of all shapes and sizes so they feel comfortable considering the average consumer doesn't look like the gorgeous model showcasing the costume.

The most flexible band I've seen this year was Fantasy Barbados, in that they offered the options mention above within each of their sections. Xhosa Cacique Section by Simone Arthur also gets special mention too. They have a special full figured section dedicated to plus sized ladies and they also provide high waist options for their other sections as well. Other bands that offer the high waist option and a larger bra size in select sections include, Aura, Erup the Band, Baje International and Day Two Celebrations.

Xhosa Plus Size Costumes

Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment _ Plus Size 2 Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment _ Plus Size

DAY Two Celebrations Plus Size Costumes

Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment 2. jpg Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment


Where To Get Boots For Kadooment Monday

If you are a local girl like I am, there are a few places to venture when looking for footwear for Kadooment Monday. The Shoe Palace located in Bridgetown is a supplier of various Crop Over foot wear styles including combat boots, wedged boots, tasseled and suede boots in a range of colors.

curvy girl's guide to kadooment_ boots for crop over
Find Similar Looks @theshoepalacebb

The store's owner Latonya Birkett says they also do special order for boots up to size 14. They are also offering a service in collaboration with ByCalori Designs. There you can order boots and have them further decorated with feathers and gems, ranging from $50 to $100.

the curvy girl's guide to kadooment_ crop over boots

To complete your look with additional accessories, sunglasses or gems the Shoe Palace also carries them as well. So stay tuned to their Instagram page for more.

Where To Find Footwear Online :

I know you thought I forgot, but international girls the Curvy Girl's Guide to Kadooment has got you too! Here are a couple places we found that carries boots up to a size 12 with wide calf as well. When searching for boots make sure that they have a comfortable sole and carries no inner lining.

curvy girls guide to kadooment _2

  1. Boots by Pamela (
  2. SMASH Shoes (
  3. Zulily (
  4. Payless Shoes Source (
  5. Lane Bryant (
  6. JC Penny (
  7. Evans (
  8. Eloquii (
  9. Torrid (
  10. Nordstrom (

Last but not least when making your choices, these are the additional things to consider include:

  1. Price range/Affordability
  2. The experience/vibes
  3. Package offering - what is the band providing you for your money - security, which DJs, bathrooms, breakfast before and lunch after the jump, what kind of drinks?

Based on all those things you can choose from there.

hope to see you on the road!

stay bold & stylish






Event Recap: The 2nd Annual Golden Confidence Pool Party

Hey Bold Queens,

Yesterday we attended " The 2nd Annual Golden Confidence Pool Party in New York " , and boy did we have a great time.The body positive pool party event , took place at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Midtown New York. With beautiful plus size women of all shapes ,sizes and races from all over the world.

The Golden Confidence Pool Party ,organized by Plus Size Model & Blogger Essie Golden was not your everyday summer roof top party. It consisted of women strutting, dancing and slaying in their swimsuits unapologetically .Seeing these ladies enjoying themselves really place our summer off to a great start.

One of the major points we enjoyed about this event was the  mini runway show from Ashley Stewart's newest summer swimwear line and also the reveal of Essie's & Chante's curated swimwear pieces with Rebdolls.

While we were there we caught a few of you the lovely ladies in attendance !Take a look at our album below to view what you miss out on at the Golden Confidence Pool Party ! Oh yes and for the ladies in Miami & LA make sure to be on the look out for the Golden Confidence Pool Party coming your way !



Stay Bold & Stylish



Events To Attend : June – August 2016

Hey Bold Queens,

Summer is here and so are all these great events to attend! Today we rounded up for you events from June - August 2016.

These outings will  have you waiting for it to come again and wishing summer will never end ! These 3 months line up of events to attend is definitely entertaining and diverse . From roof top pool parties,fashion shows with models strutting down the runway, brunches , curvy pop up shopping  and  of course we can't forget the line up for all the crop over breakfast & cooler parties ! I can't wait to see all my curvy ladies chipping and reversing it back Kadooment day down Spring Garden Highway !


events to attend = golden confidence pool party

Ashley Stewart Presents: 2nd Annual Golden Confidence Pool Party, New York Edition!

Presented By: Ashley Stewart

When: Saturday June 11th from 7pm-11pm  

Where: Holiday Inn Hotel - Midtown on W 57th St

Come eat, sip,dance, and take tons of selfies while celebrating your curves!

See more on the Golden Confidence Tour schedule to stop in Los Angeles & Miami at

Events To Attend- Full Figured Fashion Week


Full Figured Fashion Week  kicks off on June 12- June 18 in New York. A full week of events  filled with networking ,runway shows,sample sales, physical activity  but most of all the celebration of self confidence.

To find out more about the fun fill week of events  that Full Figured Fashion has to offer and to get tickets to attend . Head on over to

events to attend_thecurvycon

The Curvy Con June 17 & 18 takes place in New York, this event will be filled with healthy curves workout and shopping  on the first day. The second day will be all about panels and more shopping!

To see more on The Curvy Con head on over to

 events to attend

CURLFEST is FREE The early bird ticket is optional. Free general admission RSVPs will be available on a first-come, first-served basis starting June 13th on


events to attend_ashley stewart

Event Description

Ashley Stewart’s "Rock The Block" presented by Mixed Chicks

Hey Divas – you’re invited!

On July 16th we'll be hosting the hottest party of the summer! Come hang with me in Brooklyn for a day filled with fashion, beauty, music and dancing. A few things on the agenda? A fierce fashion show, hair tips, catered food, photo booth fun, a dance party plus so much more – all for my fabulous Ashley Divas.

This entire event is all about YOU, so don’t miss it. It’s completely FREE, and all are invited to join in on the fun.

It’s going to be big. It’s going to be fab. It’s going to be off the hook!

Don’t forget to pencil this in!ashl

See more on this event here


events to attend_uvvibe

UV Breakfast Party X UV Boatride package price available.

Reserve your tickets now via

events to attend_buckfest

Tickets on sale at all ticketpal outlets or on line at
early bird tickets $50 VIP drinks inclusive $200
3 big bands
Best of TNT
Best of Barbados

events to attend_scorchbim

From @scorchbim:
SCORCHers.... SCORCH weekend is coming. We cruising on the Harbour Master and pumping hard at the Breakfast Ja.m. Best Food, Best Drinks, Best DJ's, Best Surprises.

events to attend_machel montano

From @volumeentertainmentgroup:
The first set of early bird tickets is already SOLD OUT! So if you don't have yours yet, make sure and check out our box offices (and to secure your spot at 1Love 2016!

Box Offices:

SOL Warrens
Urban Vybz (Bridgetown, Oistins & Speightstown)
ESSO Paynes Bay
RUBiS Wildey
Jeans Inc.
R21 Lanterns
Brooklyn’s Finest



events to attend _glitzentertainmentbds

Sea, sun, sand and all the best music from the 80s, 90s and today.


For more updates on events, make sure to find us on instagram and snap chat @bbbgirls4ever

Happy Summer, Have Fun , Be Safe


Remember to Stay Bold & Stylish





8 Times Jazmine Sullivan Served Us Style

Hey Bold Queens,

As of recently , R&B singer Jazmine Sullivan has been giving us some major style on and off the stage. The creativity and design within her pieces captivated us so much ,that today we rounded up 8 times the she served us with style !Check out the images below  along with quotations from Sullivan's newly interview with Huffington Post on body positive images and messages.


Sullivan, within her interview stated “I know that I represent a lot of women out there who aren’t used to seeing themselves portrayed, and I’m happy to be that woman. I feel everybody needs to see themselves. Everybody needs to be able to look up to someone and see somebody that looks or acts like them so that they can be inspired.”


“There aren’t a lot of plus size women in the industry, but I’m one. I feel like I made it through  to some degree through the other side, to say the least. But they aren’t a lot,”

Grammy Awards 2016 in a custom Michael Costello plunging black mermaid-silhouette gown

“Love yourself the way you’s a constant struggle, so I don’t want to preach something that’s unrealistic,” Sullivan said. “Because where I’m at, I’m constantly reminding myself of my good qualities and trying to affirm myself positively. So I understand sometimes you’re just not feeling yourself, but you have to love yourself for who you are.”


Ebony Magazine 2016



Ebony Magazine 2016
Ebony Magazine 2016


I feel it’s all about representation. So I feel like I’m needed as far as being seen on covers and in magazines,” she said.


Ciroc Empowered Brunch


Red Carpet At Black Girls Rock

“Women who look like me, women with regular bodies need to see women that look like themselves. So I would love to be one of those women to represent them.”

On Stage Slaying at Black Girls Rock

Events To Attend in March – May 2016

Hey BoldQueens,

This week we've rounded up some events for you to attend during the months of March till May 2016 . So if you are interested, in makeup, modelling, fashion events and filter free dialogue make sure to check out the flyers below.


Ashley Stewart #LoveYourCurvesTour Miami 3 Day Event :

  • March 17th 6PM- 9PM  Model Search
  • Location:  10996 NW 7th Ave Miami, FL 33168
  • March 18th 6PM- 9PM  Sip & Shop
  • Location : 17239 NW 27TH Ave Miami, FL33168
  • March 19th  2PM-4PM  Fashion | Show
  • Location: 10966 NW 7th AVE Miami,FL 33168



Georgia Peach Fashion Week " Building Fashion Forward" Model Casting

Date : April 2nd 2016

Location: Studio PRIMETIME  3867 Oakcliff Ind.Crt. Altanta . GA 30340

Time : 1Pm- 5PM

To register visit :


  • Glad to welcome @PlusJones of @PlusModelMag ,
  • #FFFWeek Casting Director @OrigRunwayDiva ,
  • #Photographer @josepaganphotography ,
  • Emmy Nominated Celebrity #Hairstylist @YanceyEdwards, Celebrity #Makeup Artist @TheRealCMichael, @CurvyChickFitnessOfficial 's Charity Lynette to our panel as well!!

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE EARLY BIRD RATE cause it WON'T be extended!! Open to all ages, sizes & levels of experience!!!

Click here to REGISTER:


Calling all FASHIONISTAS! Don't miss the premier fashion brunch of the south! Your style matters, so "Own It!" Naturally Fashionable Presents "The Fashionistas Brunch" is all about sisterhood, food, fashion, fun, and networking!  This event is for Fashionistas, Style Enthusiasts, Bloggers, and Business women of all ages!


  • Fashion Hot Topics
  • Wardrobe Essentials Seminar
  • Fashion On A Budget Tips
  • Why Your Style Matters In Business "Own It"
  • My Favorite Things (Oprah Style - with a gift for everyone)
  • Don't miss this event!
Saturday, April 23, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM (EDT) - Add to Calendar
Blue Marlin - 1200 Lincoln Street, Columbia, SC 29201 -
View Map

Get Your Tickets Here : Naturally Fashionable Presents " The Fashionistas Brunch"


You are Beautiful Symposum on April 24th 2016
Location : Sharespace 2201 Preston St, #Houston TX 77003

Time: 2pm-5pm
Tickets :$35
What to Expect :
Full of fun, laughs, dialogue and filter-free content!
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Everyday Glamour in Barbados, your how to guide for giving yourself a bit of glam everyday is back!

  • What you get:
  • A full professional 12 piece brush set
    A blender sponge for flawless foundation
  • 3 hours of hands on makeup application
    Door prizes and freebies to some
    Lucky ladies .

Early Bird Tickets on sale from March 26th for $150

Date: May 14th 9:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m

Call 1 246- 253-9833 for your tickets . They are selling in limited numbers again this year so get yours as soon as they are available.

Is ‘Big’ the new Beautiful?

For many years, everyone wanted to be a size 0. This was deemed the ‘perfect look’, which led to a lot of people going to severe extremes to get down to a very unhealthy anorexic look just to be considered ‘beautiful’.

But in the past few years the public perception has drastically changed, women are now celebrated for their curves, and having that ‘size 0 runway model look’ is now seen as unattractive and unhealthy. This change has now lead to large influx of ladies becoming reluctant to lose weight, because ‘big’ has now become the new beautiful- its no wonder obesity levels are on the rise.
Human nature seems to be driven by extremes, going from aspirations of being a size 0, to now wanting to put on as much weight as possible. People have even gotten to the point of injecting themselves with their own body fat placed in different locations to achieve a specific curvy look, instead of using exercise as a tool to help shape and redefine the body.  It’s clear that short cuts, easy options and quick ‘fixes’ have taken precedent over health.

Carrying too much body fat and using the newfound excuse of ‘embracing your curves’ is doing your body more harm than good. Having an excess amount of weight can lead to a variety of health implications such as increased risk of heart disease, stoke, diabetes, hypertension even an increased risk of developing cancer.
Instead of trying to fit into the fads of ‘too skinny’ being the new beautiful or ‘big’ being the new beautiful. Why don’t we focus on healthy being the new beautiful?

A healthy look is different on everyone- we all have different fitness goals, body types and shapes. Some people want to compete in nationals, others want to simply get down to an ideal body fat percentage, and some want to have thick legs, a flat stomach and toned arms.
All three looks are completely different, but ALL are considered to be a healthy look. This is what is so great about ‘healthy’ becoming the new beautiful- there is no set look. We all have our own criteria that cannot be defined by the media or swayed by public opinion. With healthy being the new gold standard we can all achieve our own versions of what beauty truly is. We will no longer look like we have been manufactured, boxed and distributed from the same conveyer belt, with the same smile, pose and wave.
We will now learn to embrace our natural body types and learn how to emphasize our best features, instead of going through the extremes of injecting, starving or neglecting our bodies to get the common ‘desired look’. We can now get to a healthy place combining proper eating techniques, cardio and weight training methods to help reach our own version of beauty.

Firstly what we need to do is to forget about public perception and ban the notions of skinny or big. Beauty should no longer be determined by size, but by health status. It will take some time, dedication and will power, but once you reach your destination, you will see just how beautiful healthy is.

By Emma Anius - FaceofFitness246


So become the face of fitness YOU desire and workout to define your own beauty.

5 Shopping Tips For Plus Size Ladies

Hey BoldQueens,

Shopping for clothes when you’re a larger size, that is a size 14-24 doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are some tips to help you look your best in women’s plus size clothing.

plus size shopping tips

1.    Know your best features - this ensures that you choose larger sizes in clothes that focus on your best bits and hides those parts that aren’t so great and you don’t feel that good about. For example, to draw attention to your wonderful long legs and avoid attention to your hips, choose wide leg pants that are the same width all the way down.

2.    Choose the right size - if you are a larger lady and wear plus size clothing, going up a size can be even more daunting but wearing clothes that are too small only make you look bigger. A size too small will only result to your worst features being highlighted. The same rule applies to sizes that are too big. They end up making you look frumpy and much bigger than you really are. If you are unsure what size you are (different plus size designers use different plus size guides), then try the same piece in a couple of sizes and see which one looks best

3.    Be comfortable - if you wear clothes that are fashionable but are not comfortable, you will be tugging at them all day. Make sure you choose clothes that meet your need but also feel great.

4.    Wear the right underwear - just because no one can see it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother with it. The wrong underwear can make you look a lot bigger than you really are, especially if you already wear larger sizes. Wear a bra that lifts your breasts and be sure to get measured every 6 months to ensure you have the right fit. Slimming tights also do wonders as they tuck you in and make you appear taller.

5.    Be confident - Now that you have found the right outfit, put your shoulders back, stand tall and be proud of yourself. You will be surprised at how much of a difference it makes to your overall look and how much better you will feel about yourself.

Do you have some tips that you use when you go shopping? I would love to hear them,let me know below !

Moms We Love ,A Mother’s Day Dedication Prt2

Mother Figure ~

a woman who is regarded as a source of nurture and support.



Hey Queens,

“During my childhood, we were taught by our parents and teachers to treat all older women as mothers and younger women as sisters.


Makeup by Next2Natural



Dresses  Chic & Curvy Altered by Sharjay Designs



We were taught to believe that women, just like men, are created in the image of God,


and hence must be treated with love, dignity and respect they rightfully deserve.

Dress by Chic & Curvy Altered by Sharjay Designs


Makeup by   Hair done
Makeup by Next2Natural Hair done by Nubian Naturals


Dress c/o Chic & Curvy


Those life lessons from childhood still remain close to my heart, regardless of time, place or society that I live in.




I do hope that we will continue to teach the same precious lessons to our children even today,so that they will always see and treat every woman with respect and dignity, throughout their lives



as their own mother or sister or daughter, as God's divine image, and not as an object .~Deodatta V. Shenai-Khatkhate


Pcos Talk: Dealing with Pcos & My Healthy Lifestyle Journey

Hey Bold Queens

With it being throwback Thursday I decided to get a little personal today and talk about how I've been dealing with pcos and my healthy lifestyle changes since being discharge from the hospital last year. Through out the post I broke down in stages my first diagnose, a little facts about pcos and what changes I've made so far within this journey. I do hope that this post will reach someone who may be going through the same thing as I am and find some clarity within all the confusion that they may be coping with right now.

Facts about PCOS

To those who may be unfamiliar with the condition poly-cystic ovary syndrome ( pay -lee-sis-tik OH - vuh- ree SIN - drohm ) otherwise known PCOS is a health problem that can affect a woman's hormone levels, periods and ovulation . This common endocrine system disorder may cause unwanted changes in the way you look and if it isn't treated, over time it can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, ovarian cancer and heart disease .


Being Diagnose with PCOS

Approximately 3 years ago one late summer I started to have a series excruciating pelvic pain and heavy blood flow . I visited my family doctor and under went a few tests so we could arrive at why this was occurring. Every test we did came up blank ,leaving my doctors , some of my family members and I quite puzzle and confused. Why was I having so much pain? Why wouldn't I just stop from bleeding? This was any girl worst nightmare and I was living in it. Many days and nights passed on and I just continued to pop pain killers and purchase sanitary napkins. Until one night approx around 7pm this shocking pain hit me ,this intensity cause me to have trouble laying in bed and even sitting down on a chair for a short periods of time. What was really going on? I can't lay in bed and I can't even sit down no this has to stop tonight!

I cried and cried until no more tears were left in my tear ducts and according to my mom and my family members who were present said they thought I was going crazy that I even began to spoke in tongues. That same night I was rushed to the fmh where I was admitted and given an injection for the pain because they too didn't know what else to do.

The pain subsided until the next day and during the night guess what? Yup it came back again , this time my mom brought me straight to the hospital were I was admitted and stayed until the test results came back. Upon being released I was told that I have pcos , the symptoms and the medication I should take. I followed this regime for awhile .

I really thought this nightmare was over boy was I wrong , the hardest part was hearing that I wouldn't be able to have children and then on top of that the increase in weight as well as trouble losing weight were part of the most common symptoms . These symptoms related with PCOS tend to be mild at first such as acne, extra hair on the face and body such as facial hair or chest hair, irregular periods, thinning of the hair on the scalp, heavy bleeding and depression. If you think you may have some or all of them make sure to contact your doctor and get tested.


After finding out all of this , it placed me into a state of depression , I was stressed out and sad most of the time but rather not share or talked about it with others since many people weren't aware or even knew about this condition. Due to the fact of my current situation after being so weak from my blood lost I could not attend my usual classes or examinations at school and had no other choice but to remain at home till I recover. During this time I realized that me being in a low state of mind also started to affect the people around me , so after I had fully recovered I decided to get my life back on track and focus on the task at hand.


I started off great , eating healthier , attending the gym going to bed earlier !
Boy was I on a roll ,I'm loosing the weight as my doctor suggested and my periods are now appearing more regularly .

However,somewhere along that line I started to slip and paid less attention to myself.

Yup I fell off and I fell off big time !

The pain is back again and here I am back in the hospital again !


My Second Visit & Lifestyle Change

This time around when I was admitted ,the nurses told me I was so pale from all the blood I had loss throughout those few summer months. How did I end up here again ? Being more concern about the well being of others, dealing with work,getting things done for the blog and school started to stress me out. I placed too much on my plate and landed right back in the very place I was trying to avoid.

During this time and while recovering many of you notice that I was away ,so I want to thank all of those who prayed or sent messages I really appreciated and was grateful for all.

When I was back on feet and regain my strength I realized that I placed this upon myself and that in whatever way possible I must stay on track to not have this occurring a third time. This will be a tough task for me to take on is what I thought to myself seeing as there is no cure for PCOS but I had to find some way to keep it control.

Since September 2014 till now , I've taken a whole new outlook to my life and living better for me and no one else. There was one point in time where I cared about what people thought about me or what I did but now that no longer exists. I now follow a daily regime through daily devotions to help with my spiritual mindset ,cleaner eating and whenever I get the time I placed in a few exercises at home .


My diet now consists of more vegetables and less animal meats and below will show most of the foods I consume on a daily basis as well as those that I refrained from eating during my journey.

Foods I eat and drink:

Sweet Potato
Chicken Breast
Fruit Shakes
Kale, Ginger , Pineapple and Spinach Shakes
Green Tea ( Decaffeinated)
Foods I removed from my diet :

(Most Carbohydrates )

Fish Cakes
Fast Foods
Hot Chocolate
Marconi Pie/Pasta

Now that I have come to place of acceptance I realize that even though I have PCOS, that it no longer has me.  My energy levels has definitely increase and I no longer find myself within that state of depression.
This stepping stone has shown me that throughout life we tend to focus on things that may be occurring and by placing all of our energy into achieving one goal or two we neglect or digress sometimes without even noticing .
My advice to anyone who may be diagnosed with PCOS or going through what I went through or even worst is that to don't give up. I know at times it may seem hard that the weight isn't coming off or you may feel sad or not have any energy at all to do anything. But if you take it step by step by cutting out certain things from your diet as listed above or changing up your thought process ,I'm sure you will definitely see a change.If you have any questions or just want to talk about what you are going through feel free to contact me and together we will fight pcos !


Midday Must Have:Plus Size Swimwear & Coverups Roundup For Summer


Spring is here, who would have thought? But summer is fast approaching and all of us have one thing on our minds. To soak up some sun on a beach with some friends or alone with a martini in hand .

But before I get ahead of myself we all need one or two items before heading to the beach. What's that you ponder?

Well a swimsuit and a cover up of course !

Below I rounded up a various amount of styles to take with you on your trip this summer,especially for one of the reader’s of the blog who sent us this message :

" Warm greetings I wanted to know if you can recommend any swimwear websites that cater to women who are size 22 ,with and without cover-ups . Thank You

These  websites ,  do carter to the plus size woman and they start from size 12 & go up to a size 28. When you visit the websites listed below you will be sure to find a various amount of stylish pieces from the daring bikini to the bold and vibrant one piece swimsuit.

All of these swimsuits shown  start from $13 US & finish at $200 depending on your budget, however if you are just in the market for cover-ups you can check out the following three :


Ashley Stewart



Plus Size Swimwear :



Monif C







The Diva Kurves Collection


Becca Etc Swim


Jaime Crochet (Barbadian Brand )

11058217_750152471746965_2877252062526638461_n 11069919_754302787998600_3208653554734228081_n 11075214_758092994286246_8078209075555302251_n

Daresque (Barbadian Brand )


Qristyl Frazier Designs

qfd1-008-copy qfd1-269-copy2


Online Stores



Wet Seal

00056620-12 00133511-02


Ashley Stewart

AS-000956_1719_blue_front AS-000956_7067_multi_front

Ross Stores
Lane Bryant

March15_lasercutswim March15_sophieonepiece


z_131036HWBK d_130813BK




Old Navy


 What do you think of these few styles we found ,could you see yourself in one?

Let us know in the comments cheers !









My Style: Queen of the Hills in Chic and Curvy Boutique

Here on this little island in the sun , a host of activities took place during this Easter weekend, from church services , picnics ,family get together and all inclusive cooler events. To me this was not just another regular holiday but a time to reflect and be thankful for the sacrifice Christ made for us to be alive today . I had the chance to do such ,while attending church on Easter Sunday, caught up on some work and also took a nice relaxing drive around the island here in Barbados .

For those of you who are not familiar with where I'm from, Barbados is a Caribbean island surrounded by beautiful beaches.

ME @ HILTON BEACH Makeup by @next2natural

Situated in the Western area of the North Altantic and 100 km east of the Windward Islands and the Caribbean sea , this island is filled with  different  cultures, great food and nightlife.
However ,to those who have been inquiring about this 166 square miles I intend to highlight different areas of interest in Barbados, the best hotels and events to go while here on vacation.
Our first stop on this tour is Cherry Tree Hill , Saint Andrew where I felt like the queen of the hills in my Chic and Curvy dresses .IMG_3733


What I loved about these dresses is how nice and soft the fabric felt against my skin.I can definitely see myself wearing this to any formal event that I may attend in the upcoming months.

Reason why I hate smiling I turn into a blackanese (Mixed with Chinese)


In these dresses I'm wearing a 2x however I usually wear a 1x depending on the cut and length of the garment . I also have the tendency to go a size up when I want more length because of my height .So, to all my tall plus size readers I would suggest that you to do such when you are shopping for dresses.




Here is a brief history on Cherry Tree Hill

Cherry Tree Hill is a village in the parish of Saint Andrew in Barbados. It is approximately 850 ft. above sea level. It is believed that cherry trees lined the hill at some point, which has since been replaced by mahogany trees.

Cherry Tree is also a part of the St Nichloas Abbey plantation , built in 1658 this is one of only three genuine Jacobean mansions in the Western Hemisphere.
When booking your next vacation make sure to click Barbados and while exploring either by taxi , safari or rental car the spectacular view by cherry tree hill should be one of your stops.

Let us know in the comments how you spent your Easter holiday and also what you would like highlighted on our next stop in Barbados?

Midday Must Have: Plus Size Wedding Dresses & Planning Tips

This week on our social networks some of you had a lot to say concerning wedding dresses and planning for your upcoming day. Some readers ,were nice enough to submit there photos to the blog which you can see here .

Jessica McGee Williams  Age:32 Location : Woodrow Hall Birmingham Alabama  Dress from David Bridal
Jessica McGee Williams
Location : Woodrow Hall Birmingham Alabama
Dress from David Bridal

PreShus , 28 , North Carolina @thapreShus1 on Instagram and Twitter

However, one reader pointed out to me that she didn't know where to look or how to get started. So I brainstormed and came up with a short list to consider when planning for your big day.

  • Start by planning out a budget and listing all the items you will need .Such as makeup artist , event location, catering , decor and car rentals just to name a few.
  • Before buying your dress or bridesmaids dresses come up with a color and style that will accentuate each body type .We would hate to see angry bridesmaids on such a joyful day.
  • Lastly ,it is your day and you are not entitled to wear your great great grand mom's dress just to please one of your family members. If found in such position utilize the garment and make adjustments to suit your needs with your nearest designer or seamstress.

Here are a few online stores and publications  that I think you should get acquainted with while planning out your big day :

David Bridals


White Diamonds Wedding Gown

IGIGI, an American contemporary designer of women's plus-size clothing, is synonymous with fashion-forward styles including unforgettable and desirable dresses, work wear, wedding dresses, and trendy separates. Founded in 2000, IGIGI's mission is to transform the world's view of beauty. IGIGI creates sexy, stylish, and sophisticated collections of plus-size clothing to be a major part of the lifestyle and events of a fashion-loving modern woman - her wedding, the parties she attends, her work, her fun, her fashion, her life!

Real Size Bride


Real size bride is one of the leading, exclusive plus size wedding dress designers because they cater to REAL brides, size 10-30, dressing them in the most spectacular full figured wedding dresses on the market!

Pretty Pear Bride

Pretty Pear Bride is the brainchild of Shafonne Myers, a certified wedding and event planner that was a plus size bride who realized that the wedding industry was overlooking a vast number of their clientele, Plus Size Brides.

Pretty Pear Bride was started as a site where plus size brides can find bridal inspiration that THEY long for. So many people planning their weddings struggle with finding inspiration that includes images that look like them.  Everyone wants to see people that look like them, doing what they are trying to do because it allows them to envision that they can be just as glamorous and gorgeous as they imagined. So the mission was clear: merge a love for blogging and wedding planning with creating a place for plus size brides to see themselves in wedding inspiration.

Sydney's Closet

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

At Sydney’s Closet, they love fitting beautiful brides with plus size wedding dresses designed to fit and flatter her full figure. Their selection always includes cheap plus size wedding dresses for brides who don’t have a ton of money to spend but still want to look like a million bucks on their big day. They offer an up-to-date selection of traditional plus size wedding gowns for curvy brides going down the church aisle on her special day.

Curvaceous Couture


Curvaceous Couture believes that every woman's wedding dress selection experience should be as joyful and fulfilling as possible, but the more shapely bride is forced to face disheartening challenges. Not anymore!

Located in the Baltimore Washington Metropolitan area, just 10 minutes from BWI airport, Curvaceous Couture is the first designer bridal boutique to feature a complete collection of full-figured and one-of-a-kind wedding gowns for the bride with discriminating taste. Featuring sample designer gowns from all over the world, their dresses will fit size 12-44.




Did you know of these places before and  who is getting married soon ? Let us know in the comment section below !

Readers Suggest : Plus Size Crop Tops Under $30

Just last week, a few questions were asked  on our facebook page and one of you suggested that we do a post on crop tops for plus size ladies.

Upon searching I came across 4 different websites currently carrying them in plus sizes , Forever21, Fashion To Figure, Chic&Curvy  & Luxe Vain Boutique  .  


However before purchasing they are a couple things you need to know:

  • All crop tops come in different shapes and lengths  either  fitted oversize  or mid length.
  • You should purchase according to your body type (i .e ) if you have a large mid section I would not advise you to buy a fitted crop top  but  would rather recommend the oversize style  paired with a  maxi,midi or skater skirt depending on the occasion.
  • Besides maxi and skater skirts they also look great style with high waisted bottoms   ,joggers and harem pants .
  • They can  be either dress down or up . Perfect for a casual day by the beach, pool or music festival .  You can also incorporate them in your night time look by adding layers  to a body con dress  or by adding a blazer to the mix if you are going for a classy date night look.

tumblr_n2acu7ay291qjfsubo2_500 tumblr_n2acu7ay291qjfsubo3_400 tumblr_n2acu7ay291qjfsubo4_400 tumblr_n2acu7ay291qjfsubo5_400 tumblr_n2acu7ay291qjfsubo6_400 tumblr_n2acu7ay291qjfsubo7_400 tumblr_n2acu7ay291qjfsubo8_400

Now with all of that said there is no denying what a fun & great accessory crop tops will be for your closet , I’ve even seen some ladies wearing them to work !! To view some amazing plus size women wearing crop tops click here

I’ve left below all the crops shown above including some of my favorites which can be found here :

  1.  On the edge
  2.  Wild Roses
  3. Liquid Crop Top
  4. Cross Top
  5. Embroidered Floral
  6. Striking Laser
  7. Dotted off the shoulder
  8. Subtle Glam
  9. Long Be Seen Crop Top
  10. Floral Flavor

So what do you think are crop tops something you would incorporate into your closet ?!?!

Recreate The Look: Strapless Peplum Top & High Split Long Skirt

Last night we shared this photo of Marrgee via instagram & facebook ,after that many of you message us to find out where she bought her dress from and if it’s still available.


Unfortunately it isn’t available in any stores , so this got me thinking why not recreate this look?!?!

While browsing the web I found two different styles of peplum tops , you can see them here & here. If you do purchase one of these tops you can always change the style into a strapless by getting it altered .

tumblr_n26dp1grSj1qjfsubo2_1280 tumblr_n26dp1grSj1qjfsubo3_1280


I also found a gold plated belt, but the hardest of them all was finding a high split skirt.

tumblr_n26dp1grSj1qjfsubo4_1280 tumblr_n26dp1grSj1qjfsubo6_1280

If you are not interested in my findings above you can also get it custom made by a designer in your area .

Let me know here if you like what I found and if you would recreate this look ?!?!